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Is the Dash Camera High Definition

Yes. The latest in high definition video 1296P..For further information / specification on the camera download the data-sheet from the homepage

Is the camera setup and ready to go?

Yes. We have configured the Dash camera at the factory so there is nothing for you to do, apart from plugging into the cigarette power socket or hardwire connection

Does the Camera have a Hardwire option?

Yes. If you prefer a hardwired connection then we have that option. This requires connecting the red wire to a live fuse in your fuse box and earthing the black wire to a nut attached to the body of the car to act as an earth connection

What If I am involved in an Incident

If you are involved in an incident simply take the camera to Hereford Insurance so they can access the SD card within the Dash Camera to view the video files

What if the Accident is my fault

We know accidents happen so whats important is that Hereford Insurance quickly settles the dispute and thus reduce legal costs etc so the savings can be pasted onto its customers. So please provide the video on the SD card so the process can be resolved quickly.

Does the product come with a warranty

The Dash camera comes with a 1yr warranty. If you have any faults during this time please return the product to us so we can send a replacement. Email us and instructions will be forwarded to you


Please allow up to 28 days for shipping. Obviously we will endeavour to ship as soon as possible 

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